The Influence of the Elite and Wealthy Power Holders

An excerpt from the Passionate Earth: The Evolution of Our Relationship with the Natural World by John Del Signore. I will be posting new articles to this site on a regular basis.

There are a group of powerful and wealthy people who have decided on the goal of controlling the populous politically and economically and exploiting the bounty of this planet for themselves. They believe that the ordinary individual is unable to think rationally and behave in a normative manner that would constitute a civil society. They seem to believe that fundamentally people are lazy, stupid and motivated only towards self-interest and thus need to be managed for their own good. This notion stems from their own arrogance, feelings of entitlement and perception of being superior to others. There are various psychological reasons for their resultant ideologies, behaviors and actions that might well fit some of the categories proposed in the chapter on psychology, but the bottom line is that they want to control and dominate the Earth and will do almost anything to achieve that end.

It is important to take this portrayal seriously and not dismiss it as a conspiracy theory or the utterings of paranoid and psychologically unbalanced individuals. It is real and it is affecting everything we do in our daily lives. It is the cause of much suffering at a personal level in that their intentions are to keep us operating at a subsistence level, just trying to make ends meet financially instead of being able to focus on our deepest desires and life goals as well as realizing that we are being manipulated and controlled. It is the reason for the inequality of goods and services, food and shelter, and the rights and freedoms that compromise most of the worlds’ peoples. It is the reason that enemies are invented for us to fear and attack and to keep the war machine in motion. It is the horrendous misperception counter to that which recognizes people are basically social beings that seek harmony, interconnectedness and a sense of belonging as a species.

To reclaim our power, we must educate ourselves regarding their behaviors and actions and avoid association and involvement with anything that supports their intentions and power base. This means boycotting many of their products and services and not supporting political, social and religious agendas that promote their goals. This is not an easy task and will take considerable effort and a consequent change in lifestyle, but the benefits will be considerable: the freedom of expressing and living a personal ideology, lifestyle and purpose.

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