Evolution, Learning, Information and the Acceleration of Change

Information is one of the most powerful tools known to humanity. It has allowed humans to advance from primitive beasts to one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. This transition has not been smooth and has had many growing pains along the way. Despite our problems, dysfunctional behaviors and other setbacks, we have evolved in a process of continual growth and development that is both expanding and accelerating at an exponential rate and shows no signs of slowing down. This fact is both positive and negative. Expanding knowledge, coupled with science and technology, can forward societies’ vision of being able to eventually understand the mysteries of the cosmos and humanities’ place and purpose within it. We may eventually be able to travel to other galaxies and interact with other celestial beings. Knowledge can bring limitless possibilities if we employ it thoughtfully and ethically. Our current challenge is to continue to use this information wisely to advance civilization in a positive direction and to continue to learn from our mistakes and to make necessary changes as they are called for. 

The biggest current problem is the issue of information overload. Being bombarded with so much information, we have difficulty disseminating all of the new discoveries and facts and knowing exactly what to do with them. Any single individual could not possibly keep up with the new developments in any one field today. This was not the case in the recent past but has changed the way we must cope with the new reality of constant and accelerating change. Things will continue to change, to grow in complexity and to accelerate whether we like it or not. This fact will likely bring new challenges to humanity that are at this time unimaginable and possibly frightening but the process of evolution will continue until it has come to its natural conclusion or may continue indefinitely.

I think the best advice for humankind at this time is to go with the flow, be open to the new paradigms that will make themselves known and continue to cultivate a learner’s mind: one that is open and accepting of change and possibility.


Waking up in Time, Peter Russell, Origin Press Inc., 1122 Grant Ave., Suite C, Novato, CA  94945, 1992, Acceleration–The Quickening Pace, pp. 3-5 and Compression—The Collapse of Time, pp. 153-158.

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