Population Growth

It is generally accepted by the scientific community that the planet can only accommodate a finite number of human beings. Overpopulation would eventually result in mass starvation and a significant depletion of natural resources such that ecosystem collapse would be inevitable. This would also disrupt the balance of all living things, cause the extinction of a multitude of species of flora and fauna, if not all species, and likely return evolution to a much more primitive state of being.

Such a catastrophic event can be avoided if we take responsibility to limit our population to sustainable numbers and limit and monitor our use of the planet’s natural resources so we will always maintain an adequate reserve of plants, animals, and minerals. We would have to greatly reduce and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels and utilize renewable energy sources to meet the needs of society and continue to develop technologies that do not pollute the biosphere. We would also have to reverse the pollution we have already rendered and find new ways to dispose of human waste products. All weaponry should be destroyed or rendered harmless and our nuclear waste must be dealt with to avoid more contamination of our water, air and soil.

We must also eliminate conflict, aggression and resolve humanities’ difficulties through understanding, negotiation and compromise. The challenges are arduous, urgent and need the full attention and commitment of all Earth’s citizens. Everything we do must be considered in the context of our relationship with our habitat if we want to continue our residency on this planet.

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