As I have previously stated, technology, when used appropriately, can be a tool of great importance and value in forwarding the advancement of civilization and humanities’ destiny. 

Technology should be used to accommodate humanities material and other needs and allow for a productive and pleasurable lifestyle without resorting to practices that damage the Earth’s ecosystems. This will require a re-thinking regarding what we need as opposed to what we want and how we can create a technology that is ethical and responsible as well as practical. Material needs are certainly necessary but we have surpassed the point of need to that of addiction. Our present obsession with material goods to make us content has promoted destructive industrial processes that allow us to continually increase the production, variety and quantity of manufactured goods and reap incredible profits in the marketplace. We must reevaluate the whole concept of consumerism so that societies’ needs are realized in a sustainable fashion without creating a cycle of production for the sole purpose of consumption and profitability.

Technology must not be utilized for the purposes of colonialism, war or to intimidate other nations with the prospect of attack, regardless of the justification. All human problems must be resolved through negotiation and good will.

Currently, about 20% of the world’s population utilizes about 80% of the world’s natural resources. This imbalance in the distribution of needed resources has been the cause of much suffering and ill will towards the richer nations. This problem must be rectified via helping poorer nations raise their standards of living such that subsistence needs are accommodated and are similar to that of the developed nations. This could be accomplished if developed nations agreed to share technology and information that aides in the development of viable infrastructures to promote growth and stability. It might also mean developed nations would have to lower their standards of living somewhat given the overconsumption that is already taking place.

A world government might also be considered to help pool needed resources, disseminate information, promote communication and discussion of global concerns and encourage peaceful settlement of conflicts through mediation in a neutral setting.

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