Bioregionalism/Living in Place

Suggested Bioregional Living Practices

The following is a list of practices that support a bioregional lifestyle.

Purchasing food products that are grown locally as much as possible except for those products that are important enough or desired such that they must be obtained from other sources that may be farther away.

Supporting locally owned businesses as opposed to chains and large corporations that monopolize the distribution of particular products and services.

Choosing to do business with locally owned ones that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Utilizing locally run financial institutions that are invested in the community.

Being aware of other cultures that have lived in the area and respecting their traditions and values.

Being involved with local people socially and to create mutually beneficial relationships. This could also include looking out for each other’s welfare in general. Creating a spirit of community can be powerful, productive and provide a platform for activism and problem solving when needed, especially in crisis situations.

Relying on local recreation and entertainment opportunities as much as possible.

Using local natural resources wisely such as wood products, water, soil, and minerals.

Using local energy sources conservatively.

Keeping human waste products to a minimum.

Recycling whenever possible.

Being politically informed, involved in local politics and voting actively.

Being socially and environmentally conscious and responsible in all aspects of your life.

Staying involved and knowledgeable regarding your children’s education or choosing to home school them if the local education system is inadequate or has certain deficits that are concerning.

Learning about the bioregion and ecosystem you live in, in regards to its geographical features, weather, plants and animals, cultural roots, etc.

These suggested living practices are aimed at fortifying local ecology, culture and economy so that people and nature can live sustainably and in harmony. Although this somewhat alternative lifestyle requires some additional thought and planning, the long-term benefits more than offset the sacrifices that may need to be made.

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