Commitment and Concerted Action in the World: Uniting Humanity to a Global Environmental Purpose

We cannot resolve the environmental problems we have caused by simply becoming aware of what we have done and attaching a diagnosis to it. What is needed now is a disposition of urgency to create a comprehensive plan on which to act with full commitment and conviction. We are now at the place where we have knowledge of specific interventions that must be initiated and how to go about them. What is missing is the global political will to carry out our mission and create a positive outcome.

Many people are still not convinced that the planet is in a state of crisis or have too much personal investment in procuring material wealth and power as a primary goal for themselves. Others are not sure how to proceed or do not have the resources to be effective players in the environmental movement and need coaching and encouragement to become fully engaged. Everyone must make a genuine commitment to go green in every aspect of his and her lives and encourage others to do likewise. We must demand that our governing bodies take up this challenge as well, and create a global effort to support environmentally responsible behavior throughout the world. Every act of environmental preservation counts and empowers the process of returning the Earth to its rightful, untainted disposition.

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