Creating a New Vision and a Desired Future for Humanity and the Biosphere

What we desperately need today is a comprehensive vision and mission statement with appropriate goals and objectives to guide us in our efforts to restore the Earth to its original state of purity. Such a proclamation would help to empower our commitment and give us a plan of action with which to bring our vision to fruition. I will illuminate this process with an actual vision and mission statement with major goals and objectives included as an example of what such a plan might resemble.

Vision Statement: the desired or preferred future

Humanity envisions the Earth as a remarkable living organism that should remain in a pristine state and be able to fulfill its evolutionary purpose. The Earth must be restored to its original state of purity and remain that way forever and not be despoiled by the endeavors of humanity. Humanity pledges to honor and love the Earth as our mother and source of life and sustenance.

Mission Statement: what we will do to empower the vision and make it a reality

Humanity has declared itself the stewards of the Earth. We promise to live lives of sustainability, to use Earth’s resources with consideration and to care for the environment so it will remain in a pristine state forever. We will treat all of Earth’s flora and fauna with respect and not exploit the planet’s natural resources. We will not despoil the beautiful landscapes, water bodies and vegetation and will promote ethical conduct for all human beings as inhabitants of this planet.

Strategic Plan: projection of the desired outcomes or goals

Humanity will recognize the intrinsic and inherent value of the natural world

Humanity will lead ethical and purposeful lifestyles

Humanity will learn how to live sustainable lifestyles

Humanity will learn how to utilize natural resources without exploiting them

Humanity will learn the science of conservation and preservation

Humanity will learn and utilize only technology that is eco friendly

Humanity will understand what practices cause pollution and refrain from using such practices

Humanity will live in harmony with the flora and fauna of the Earth

Humanity will not mistreat flora or fauna in any way

Humanity will stop polluting the planet and attempt to reverse the negative effects already rendered

Humanity will use science and technology to understand their habitat in order to promote eco-friendly behaviors and actions

Once all the goals and objectives are spelled out, then interventions can be initiated to ensure their implementation.

A vision and mission statement along with goals and objectives help keep the process on purpose and progressing and allow for the evaluation of attempted interventions and corrections as needed. This process is commonly used in many of our profit and non-profit organizations throughout the world today.

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