Ecological Resisting

Ecological resisting is the deep ecology term for non-violent direct action. Direct action means being in touch with and communicating about environmental concerns, educating ourselves regarding local and global ecological issues, being involved in eco-related initiatives and enrolling others to become involved as well. Resisting may include trespassing and other illegal activities such as blocking the entrance to a place, rendering machines and equipment non-functional, interfering directly with unwanted activities, demonstrations, protests, political rallies, and may even result in being arrested. Resisting needs to be a committed action that is well thought out and designed to stop or bring attention to an issue under protest. It needs to be enacted from a context of caring and love for all the planet’s living creatures, plants and elements.

Ecological resisting is predicated on the belief that the environment has intrinsic value, has the right to exist and evolve and that the human community is a participant in the whole process of creation and evolution. We are not the masters of the universe nor are we superior in any way to the diversity of life on Earth or its physical features. Although ecological resisting is a serious undertaking, it also exudes a sense of joy and fascination with deep engagement in the process of living.

The notion of preserving, conserving and saving applies not only to the Earth but to humankind as well. There is no separation between the Earth and ourselves. Everything is interconnected and interdependent.  Ecological resisting is an affirmation of our relationship and love of our habitat.


Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Mattered by Bill Devall and George Sessions, 1985 by Gibbs M. Smith, Inc. Ecological Resisting, pp. 193-205.Accessed 15 June 2020.

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