The Human-nature Relationship Revisited

We have traveled through time on an evolutionary journey of humanities’ relationship with the natural world and have become aware of the events, both natural and human, that have shaped that relationship from one of relative harmony and connectedness to one of disconnection and alienation. We have delved into the specific reasons for our dysfunctional behaviors and have concluded that the majority of human difficulties have manifested themselves in misperceptions regarding our nature, purpose, meaning and destiny in relationship to the natural world. These perceptions have become the precipitants of human philosophy and behavior and over time, have become programmed and automatic, thus inhibiting new ways of thinking about the development and progression of the human-nature relationship.

It appears we have begun to wake up to the reality that we are an integral part of nature and that our future success as an evolutionary organism will depend on what kind of relationship we will continue to foster with our environment. If we learn to live in harmony with it, we will have an opportunity to realize our final destiny. If we choose the misguided path of self-interest, discordance and alienation, we will determine our fate with predicted ecosystem collapse and the extinction of the human race.

Time is running out. It is time that we recognize the gift we have been given as participants in this remarkable evolutionary journey and declare ourselves initiated in the most profound event in history: the creation and evolution of the universe.

Closing Remarks

I hope the information presented in this treatise has been informative and useful on a personal as well as on a global level. Thank you for your engagement in this most urgent process of understanding the crisis at hand and how you can be instrumental in changing the course of human history towards a sustainable future for our evolving world. I have taken on this project to point to what we are capable of achieving and what opportunities await us if we embrace our destiny with courage, thoughtfulness, and a passion for the journey, as well as its destination.

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