Part Two: Considerations and Corrective Thinking and Action to Address the Troubled Human-Nature Relationship and Reconnect with the Natural World

Given the multitude of difficulties that have defined the human-nature relationship since Homo erectus evolved to a state of sophistication on this planet, it is apparent that we, as a species, have perceptual and behavioral problems that appear to be highly significant and maybe even insurmountable. I have not meant to paint humanity in a pejorative light, but to illuminate the perceptions, values and behaviors that have brought us to the brink of disaster.

Many previous decisions and actions that were injurious to the natural world were made with insufficient knowledge or plain ignorance and without any intention of malaise. Others were made willfully with the knowledge that negative outcomes might or would prevail and were primarily tied to the accumulation of power and wealth with little regard for ethical considerations. Despite the fact that the majority of the populous had no intention to despoil nature and may not have been responsible for the damage already done, it is now time that we, collectively, take a stand and rectify the values and actions that are laying waste to our only home; not only for our sake, but for that of future generations and for all the living creatures of the Earth.

It is time to examine what is at stake and how we can take corrective thought and action to remedy the mistakes that have been made. The focus of this next section will be to introduce new thought structures and a framework that could pave the way for the initiation of viable solutions and interventions in order that humanity may continue its remarkable evolutionary journey and reach its ultimate destiny. I think it is obvious that all of humanity will have to be committed, involved and cooperative in implementing the necessary measures that will ensure success and the continuation of this urgent and transformational process. 


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